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What kinds of 12-Step meetings are at Anonymous Village?

Any and all.  We host several large "Any A" meetings, whether it is AA, NA, CMA, OA, SLAA, and any other fellowships that support one another's recovery while at Burning Man.  There are also meetings that are fellowship specific. 


If you need an immediate meeting, chat with someone in the Village and start one meeting at ANY time that our communal meeting tent is available.

Can I add a meeting to your Schedule?

Email us at to make this request. Even better, come to a business meeting to discuss your idea.  

Monthly Anonymous Village Business Meeting

First Monday of each month

Zoom Meeting ID: 879 178 2782 

Password: 0924

"It's my first Burning Man and I'm a little worried about my sobriety.  Any suggestions?"

Talk to your sponsor before going, and develop an action plan. Prepare to be challenged in many ways. Benefit from others' experience by reading this compilation of tips to enjoy Burning Man clean and sober. 

All fellowships participating are required to bring their own literature.

The Anonymous Village does not provide literature for any 12 step meetings, only the space to hold those meetings in.

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