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Unlike many camps and villages at Burning Man, Anonymous Village does not charge dues or fees to camp with us.  Rather we fashion ourselves after the Alano Club model and operate solely on donations.  We do have significant expenses for maintenance, replacement of aging infrastructure, and improvements. 

If you would like to make a donation, kindly send to our Venmo @Anonymous-Village.  Thank you for your support.  

Mail Check

 Anonymous Village Treasurer

  15068 E Stanford Dr

  Aurora, CO 80015


Below is a listing of our current budget that reflects our current needs to improve and continue Anonymous Village:


Every year we work towards adding to our infrastructure and upgrading our solar capacity.


2022 • Expanded meeting tent to double its previous size

2019 • Expanded our hospitality tent to double its previous size

2022 • Added a smaller meeting tent

2019 • New showers built

2018 • Added a yoga tent, enlarged the hospitality structure, a group shade structure, a large AV sign and greatly increased our solar capacity.

2017 • Additional furnishings added to hospitality tent, new bike racks and coffee system purchased. 

2016 • Purchased a new burn barrel, new bike racks, and a new coffee making system. 

2014 • Added four additional carports to greatly expand our meeting tent structure.

2013 • Purchased a solar system.

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