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There are no dues or fees to camp with us, but we do encourage donations to help pay for expenses.  We have a set amount of space that we are allotted by Black Rock City, so it's very important that we know how many people will be camping with us and how much space each group needs.

Anonymous Village is drug and alcohol-free, partaking in either is not permitted. 

Our camp placement form will be available after the Main Ticket Sale.  Once you have purchased a ticket,

it will then be time to fill out our form. 

Our shared facilities include:
  • (Huge) Meeting Tent

  • 12 Step Meetings throughout the day and night

  • Hospitality Tent (coffee and snacks 24/7)

  • Shaded camping area

  • Showers for AVers only (we do not provide solar shower bags)

  • Shame Shanty (tell your most embarrassing drinking stories and WIN A PRIZE!)

  • Burn Barrel

  • A safe-haven from drugs and alcohol at Burning Man

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